KIPP Troy Prep High School


The mission of KIPP Troy Prep High School is to prepare all students to enter and succeed in college through effort, achievement, and the content of their character.


Since our founding in 2017, our tuition-free public schools have served Troy families with an instructional model that supports students’ academic and personal growth. Our teachers infuse joy into every day, creating an active engaged learning environment and preparing every student to succeed in college and beyond. KIPP Troy Prep High’s first graduating class in 2020 had a 99% graduation rate and students were accepted to over 98 colleges and universities. Troy Prep High joined the KIPP Public Schools network in July of 2022. Today, our school serves 180 students in grades 9 through 12.

Our dedicated team of educators cultivates a welcoming school environment where students are celebrated and encouraged to strive for excellence. Our robust academic offerings are complemented by a wide range of extracurricular and enrichment offerings such as volleyball, basketball, robotics club, guitar club, running club, outdoor club, art and photography clubs. Weekly community meetings spotlight students of the week, provide an opportunity for team building and celebrate the academic and merit awards.
KIPP Troy Prep High is a community where students feel loved and nurtured so they can be their best each and every day. Our teachers infuse joy and academic rigor into every day, ensuring all students are prepared to succeed in college and beyond. KIPP Troy Prep students know that an excellent education is key to achieving their dreams. By committing to our core values and giving back to others, our students can reshape history and write a new story for themselves. At Troy Prep, diversity, equity, and inclusion are central to achieving our mission. We believe that all students deserve to see themselves in the adults who shape their lives, and that diverse teams are strong teams.