KIPP Capital Region Board of Trustees

KIPP Capital Region Public Schools is governed by a local board of trustees – all members of the Capital District Community. While we get access to resources and best practices via the KIPP Foundation, decisions are all made locally.

Board of Trustees

John P. Reilly, Chair
Dr. Kimberly Young-Wilkins, Vice Chair
Sharif Kabir, Secretary
Guy Alonge III, Treasurer
Dr. Don- Lee Applyrs, Trustee
Robert Bellafiore, Trustee
Jeff Buell, Trustee
Dr. Shai Butler, Trustee
Amari Duncan, Trustee
Kelly Kimbrough, Trustee
Ron Mexico, Trustee
Carl Young, Trustee

Executive Committee
John Reilly, Chair
Dr. Kimberly Wilkins, Vice Chair
Sharif Kabir, ESQ, Secretary
Guy Alonge III, CPCU, Treasurer
Staff liaison: Stephanie Valle

Finance Committee
Guy Alonge III, CPCU, chair
Ron Mexico
Bob Bellafiore
Jeff Buell
Michelle Moore*
Staff liaisons: Jon Thatcher, Connor LeClair

Governance Committee
Dr. Shai Butler, Chair
Carl Young
Ron Mexico
Staff liaison: Maya Tucci

Development Committee
Bob Bellafiore, Chair
Kelly Kimbrough
Siena Dean
Jeff Buell
Staff liaison: Natalie Orcutt

Academic Committee
Dr. Kimberly Young-Wilkins, Chair
Dr. Don-Lee Applyrs
Carl Young
Alton Campbell*
Staff liaisons: Maisie Wright, Ajat Mehta

* denotes non-trustee committee member

Meeting Schedule

August 30th 7:30AM
October 25th 7:30AM
December 13th 7:30AM
February 7th 7:30AM
April 24th 7:30AM
June 12th 4:00PM

Public Comment Policy

All meetings are open to the public and a portion of each agenda is set aside for speakers. Each public comment will be limited to five minutes. Individuals are welcome to share statements to the board in writing as well. To address the Board, please email the school at by noon the day before the meeting at which you wish to speak.

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