Important Update

May 31, 2022

KTVM Families,

I am writing to provide you with an important safety update.  This afternoon, a KTVM student made a statement to their classmates that they were in possession of a bomb.  School officials immediately activated our emergency protocols, and school personnel and the Albany City Police Department arrived on site.  While the statement was almost immediately determined to be unfounded, police investigated the incident and the student was arrested and removed from campus.

Importantly, at no time was there any actual danger to students or staff on campus. However, any threats made against our school community will be taken extremely seriously, with the immediate involvement of Albany police and school safety personnel.

I urge you to please discuss with your student the importance of not making unfounded statements or threats – the individual student consequences are severe as once a statement or threat has been made that involves school safety, that student will be arrested based on police protocols.  Additionally, even unfounded threats damage the safety of our school community, impacting both the mental health of our students and staff as well as the learning that occurs in our buildings.  Please also remind your student to immediately report any statement or threats they hear to an adult at school.  It is of utmost importance that all members of our school community are working together to keep our schools safe and secure, and I ask for your help and partnership in that goal.

As always, please reach out with any questions.


Stephanie Valle
Executive Director
KIPP Albany