High School Branding Survey - Staff

As KIPP Capital Region is expanding, we want to hear from you! In this survey, we will be gathering information around a name for our new high school and want your feedback about what values are important to you. 

We are excited to hear your thoughts and will be taking time to look at the results with a goal of narrowing down names and values. From here, we will send out a follow up survey to KIPPsters and Families for additional input. 


We are collecting ideas for names for our new high school! Please list three name ideas you have for naming the new KIPP Capital Region HS(Required)
Name 1
Name 2
Name 3
In addition to a name, we are also collecting ideas for our high school values! We want to know which values resonate most with our community! Choose 5 values from the list below that speak to you most when you think about the values you want our school to be known for in our community (Check boxes)(Required)